Avanti Videos & Animations

Fast-Set Balloon Technique
Observe AV-290 injected by a simple cartridge to demonstrate expansion and shutdown underground leaks.
Hydrophilic Foams Training
Insightful training (9:16 min) and advantages of hydrophilic foams--when to use, why, and when not to use.
Using Hydrophilic Foams
When, why, and how to use hydrophilic foams.
Hydrophobic Foams Training
When, why, and how to use hydrophobic foams.
Urethane Gels Training
Sample demonstration how hydrophilic gels will set and protect in soil.
Acrylic Gels Training
When, why, and how to use acrylic gels.
Fast-Set Hydrophobic Foam for Water Stop
Demonstration of the expansion that happens behind the wall to stop groundwater infiltration.
High-Volume Hydrophobic 1:1 Pump
Using Graco 1:1 pump, fast reacting AV-290 provides controlled expansion.
Grouting and Lining Work Well Together
This video shows how grouting and lining work together to prevent Inflow & Infiltration (I&I).
Mixing Instructions for AV-100
Mixing instructions for a standard 60-gallon batch of AV-100.