Avanti Videos & Animations

Helmet Cam: AV-202 in Precast Joint
Helmet Cam of AV-202 Multigrout being injected into a joint in a precast manhole.
Webinar: Holistic Approach Solves Infiltration for Naperville, IL
Inflow & Infiltration are destroying our underground infrastructure. Learn directly from Superintendent Tony Conn of Naperville and John Manijak of National Power Rodding (Carlyon Corp) on both plan of action and execution to resolve infiltration. The issues are common for large and small communitie...
Webinar: Systematic Approach to Controlling Infiltration with Chemical Grout
Infiltration undermines our sewer systems, destroys the bedding of our pipes, and forces tax-payers into excessive costs treating twice the flow than necessary. Systematically, communities are controlling infiltration with "test and seal" programs using chemical grout.
Webinar: Engineer & Contractor Agree: Chemical Grout Stops Infiltration in Large Diameter Pipe
With century old infrastructure, Granite City, IL embraces floods every spring by virtue of its location in the Great American Bottoms. The stress on the system is obvious as infiltration is blamed for sinkholes and foundation failures.
Webinar: Choose Wisely: Cement Grouts, Chemical Grouts, or Both
Not all grouts are created equal. Each type is engineered and produced with unique properties providing specific attributes for both new construction and rehabilitation projects. Which one or both?
Webinar: Preserving the Underground Infrastructure at Miami-Dade
Communities large and small battle infiltration. Miami-Dade is the 6th largest water and sewer district in the U.S. and reducing flow 128 MGD to their treatment operations. Chemical grout is the low-cost, high-reward strategy for reducing I&I at Miami-Dade with defensible justification of saving $2....
Webinar: What You Don t Know About Infiltration in Sanitary Sewers is Costing Million$
Live learning event hosted by Avanti International with Aries Industries and Logiball. Our underground assets are now liabilities. According to ASCE, “The common practice of letting infrastructure wear out before replacing it, rather than incorporating technological improvements during its lifeti...
Webinar: Interactive Conversation on Controlling Groundwater in Mines, Tunnels, & Subways
A collaborative presentation with speakers from ECO Grouting Specialists, US Grouting Specialists, US Grout, and Avanti International. Uncontrolled groundwater brings underground operations to its knees. Based on scientific data, cementitious grouting is a proven, cost-effective solution for max...
Webinar: Proactive Maintenance with Chemical Grout Earns High Reward
Hosted by the editor of Underground Construction magazine, this 1-hr presentation focuses on the results of a $3M chemical grouting project in Downers Grove, IL. Authorities from the sewer district, consulting engineer, contractor and Avanti's product manager provide proof-positive validation.
Webinar: Value Engineering with Injection Grouts
Insight on how, when and why to look beyond standard practices and procedures with injection grouts. This is technology you can specify, control and improve outcomes. Engineers seek more than to specify products & procedures for their clients… they desire better solutions than any other engineere...
Webinar: Stopping Infiltration in New England - EPA Region 1
Collective collaboration between Logiball, Heitkamp, and Avanti regarding EPA Region 1.
Demonstration: Annular Space Grouting - 2014
Injection grout travels freely between the liner and host pipe to cure in place and eliminate infiltration.
Groundwater Control in Mining
Groundwater Control in Mining
Interview: Joe Thomas - US Grout
Joe Thomas - US Grout
Interview: George Vernon - Millcreek Management
George Vernon - Millcreek Management.
Interview: Harold Kosova - National Power Rodding
With Harold Kasova, there are many firsts to his credit: first to develop a TV camera to inspect sewer lines in 1960; first to chemically grout a sewer joint in 1962. Retired after 54 years of service, hear what he has to say about what the industry needs now.
Conference Presentation: North American Tunneling 2012
Three geotechnical case studies focused on injection grouting for groundwater control.
Avanti President on the News
As seen on Fox Business Network, CNBC, and Bloomberg.
Concrete Slab Lifting
Animation for lifting of concrete slabs with Avanti's AV-600 SureLift - a dual component polyurethane foam system engineered for concrete lifting, soil strengthening, and void filling in wet soil conditions.