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Demonstration: Super Plasticizer with Ultrafine Cement
Demonstration: The effects of Super Plasticizer on a low water/US Grout Ultrafine cement mix ratio
Seawall Rehabilitation with Urethane Grout Injection
Water is the most destructive force on Earth. This has been proven since the beginning of time and can easily be seen around every body of water from rivers and streams, lakes to oceans. The rise and fall attributed with these various bodies of water creates a pumping action which promotes loss of s...
Groundwater Control in Mining
Groundwater Control in Mining
Curtain Grouting
Curtain grouting technique is proven to stop groundwater infiltration.
Probe Grouting
View how probe grouting makes a positive seal on the perimeter surface of the manhole to eliminate infiltration.
Curtain Grouting: Stop Infiltration in Subways and Tunnels
View animation of curtain grouting to stop water infiltration in subways and tunnels.
Stop Infiltration in Tunnels and Mines
View animation of stopping water infiltration through curtain grouting in tunnels and mines, such as salt, diamond, copper, potash and gold.