Avanti Videos & Animations


Annular Space Grouting - 2010
While liners, when properly designed and constructed, will stabilize the structural integrity of the host pipe, even close-fit liners will not eliminate the problem of infiltration. The use of injection grout will seal both the annular space between the host pipe and liner and any leaks at the later...
Annular Space Grouting - 2014
Chemical grout travels freely between the liner and host pipe to cure in place and eliminate infiltration.
Hydrophilic Foams Training
Insightful training (9:16 min) and advantages of hydrophilic foams--when to use, why, and when not to use.
Lateral Leaks in Lined Pipe Sealed
View footage of leak between liner and host pipe before and after it is sealed with chemical grout.
Leaking Lateral Connection Sealed
View footage of leaking lateral connection before and after it is sealed with chemical grout.
Probe Grouting Video Footage
Probe grouting viewed from inside the pipe.
Oakum Soakum Technique
View Oakum Soakum technique during Department of Transportation project.
Grouted Sewer Joint / Connection
View a grouted sand/soil demo outside a lateral/mainline sewer connection after being sealed with chemical grout.
Grout Truck Interview with Dick Schantz
Truck tour designed for the chemical grout contractor.
Grout School Overview
Overview of what you can expect from attending grout school.
High-Volume Hydrophobic 1:1 Pump
Using Graco 1:1 pump, fast reacting AV-290 provides controlled expansion.
Fast-Set Hydrophobic Foam for Water Stop
Demonstration of the expansion that happens behind the wall to stop groundwater infiltration.
Fast-Set Balloon Technique
Observe AV-290 injected by a simple cartridge to demonstrate expansion and shutdown underground leaks.