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Ultrafine SD (avg. 3 microns)

Ultrafine SD (avg. 3 microns)

Ultrafine SD Cementitious Grouts from US Grout are composed of a finely ground mixture of Portland cement, pumice, and dispersant. Avanti's Ultrafine SD has an average particle size of only 3 to 4 microns, in stark contrast to typical particle sizes of 60 to 70 microns in conventional cements. Standard grade of cement grout formulated with superplasticizer for a fool proof system with zero bleed and very high compressive strengths.

Ultrafine SD is tested and certified by NSF International as complying with NSF/ANSI Standard 61 - Drinking Water System Component requirements.

Avanti and US Grout are proud to be American owned and operated companies. US Grout (Idaho) produces the only American-made Ultrafine cementitious grout available in the world today.  There is a stable North American supply for your cementitious grouting projects. Avanti (Texas) is the exclusive distributor of US Grout cementitious grout products around the world.

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