Industrial & Geotechnical Injection Grout School - Houston

11 Mar – 12 Mar 2020
Location: Avanti International HQ, 822 Bay Star Blvd., Webster, Texas
Category: Grout School

This two day live learning event is designed to cover the fundamentals of injection grouting and soil types, including how to:

  • Control groundwater
  • Stabilize soil
  • Stop leaks in underground structures

Attendees in facilities management, or those in underground operations such as mining, tunneling, dams and subways will benefit from learning when, why and how to grout.

 Benefit from classroom presentations, demonstrations, troubleshooting and hands-on workshops covering:

  • Fundamentals of grout chemistry; acrylic, urethane and cementitious grouts
  • Soil analysis from sand to bedrock and its impact on permeation grouting
  • Grouting underground structures
  • Curtain grouting
  • Slab lifting with 1/10" of desired grade