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Webinar: Pipe Soil Structure: The Progressive Loss of Soil Caused by Relentless Infiltration

Jessica Williams - February 04, 2021 - Views 2670

Infiltration: an enemy to the collection system and the rate payer. If not addressed, infiltration can ruin the collection system.


Reline LIVE - Injection Grouting: Stabilizing Soils and Stopping Infiltration

Jessica Williams - July 20, 2020 - Views 1298

Reline LIVE - Injection Grouting: Stabilizing Soils and Stopping Infiltration

This episode of Reline LIVE will focus on the injection grouting for stopping water infiltration and stabilizing soils of underground structures such as manholes, culverts, and tunnel shafts and will discuss what grouting is, grout type selection and design criteria, and real-world project examples.


Webinar: Developing a Deep Rock Grouting Design from Start to Finish

Jessica Williams - July 10, 2020 - Views 1327

The goal of this technical webinar presentation is to walk through a grout design process from start to finish for deep rock grouting applications.


Avanti Webinar Series Available 24/7

Jessica Williams - April 15, 2020 - Views 1844

Over the last few weeks, we have been hosting live webinars free of charge for anyone who is interested in learning more about injection grouts and their uses.


Avanti is Here For You - COVID-19 Update

Jessica Williams - March 20, 2020 - Views 1973

The health and safety of our clients, family, friends, partners and team are our highest priority. With the uncertainty regarding health and safety surrounding COVID-19, we want you to know we are open for business and taking the following appropriate measures to ensure a safe working...


Municipal Sewer Grout School is Open for January 2020

Jessica Williams - November 12, 2019 - Views 3511

The Level 200: Municipal Sewer Grout School is now open for January 2020 in Houston Texas


Avanti Introduces New Epoxy Line

Jessica Williams - July 23, 2019 - Views 3227

Avanti Introduces New Epoxy Line

Avanti International announces the addition of the AV-500  Epoxy line to its portfolio of injection solutions used to stabilize soils and rock, restore structural integrity, stop leaks, and control groundwater.


Avanti Supply Chain Partner Builds Quick Momentum with Urethane Injection Grouts

- August 01, 2017 - Views 3714

Avanti Supply Chain Partner Builds Quick Momentum with Urethane Injection Grouts

It all started November 23, 2016 - a breakfast meeting was planned at a local diner. Russ Peterson (ASDCO Branch Manager), Dan Wells (ASDCO Business Development and Jacob Swanson (Avanti Regional Manager) met for the first time.

Russ was crystal clear - "Here's who we are and how we're different:"

  • We make Customer Service our #1 priority.
  • We know our customers, our products, and pride ourselves on having inventory in-house.
  • We stock what our customers need in five geographically optimized warehouses in MN, WI and ND.
  • We are NOT a commodity shop; We solve problems and provide solutions.
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