Safety, not just some of the time!

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Anyone who has spent time in the military understands and accepts you may have to give your life at some point. No one should be ready or need to give their life rehabilitating a sewer. Sadly and unintentionally, this is what happened here.


"Briceno…had removed his harness to reach a confined space and was carried away by the rushing water, according to police officials at the scene. The other worker was strapped into his harness and was pulled to safety,” the officials said.

Practicing safety 99% of the time in not enough. This could have been a safety success story with both workers strapped in their harnesses and pulled to safety. Remember: safety 100% of the time, not just when it is convenient. Unfortunately, all we can do now as an industry is learn from his death as an example to raise awareness and prevent future injuries or fatalities.

Our thoughts and prayers go out to Mr. Briceno’s family and colleagues.

To read the full story from the Chicago Tribune, click HERE.

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