Lift Sunken Concrete Slabs with a Structural Foam

Author // Britt Babcock Categories // Geotechnical February 25, 2013 Views 9240

Many facility managers are unaware of the liabilitiesAV-600 SureLift associated with trip hazards in public walkways, the excess wear and tear on forklifts from uneven industrial floors, or that SLAB LIFTING is possible with minimal interruption. Traditional mud jacking methods require drilling large holes in the slab to inject a cement slurry with a long cure time adding excess weight to unstable soils. And "jacking" does not address the cause of soil failure. Avanti's AV-600 SureLift™ reduces groundwater intrusion and erosion factors, fills voids, and provides a fast cure within 1/10" of desired grade.

Want to know more? View Avanti's new Slab Lifting animation here: This could be the most important two minutes of your day.


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