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Seawall Rehabilitation with Urethane Grouts: Fill Voids, Stabilize Soil

Jessica Williams - August 13, 2020 - Views 1538

Seawall Rehabilitation with Urethane Grouts: Fill Voids, Stabilize Soil

Over time, seawalls begin to develop small defects due to fluctuating tides, and thermal expansion and contraction. As water levels rise and fall, a vacuum is created which easily pulls the saturated supporting soils through defects into the body of water – this creates voids, settlement, depressions, sinkholes, and overall instability of the structure. Avanti's injection grouts have been specifically designed to seal these defective areas from further infiltration/exfiltration by creating a watertight barrier, and fill voids that have developed by binding existing soils together preventing further erosion. 


North American Tunneling Journal Article: Grouting at the Forefront

Jessica Williams - August 03, 2020 - Views 858

"Much has been said about waterproofing membranes, whether sheet or spray-applied or layered solutions. Within the North American market, spray-applied membranes are continuing to gain acceptance in tunnels and underground spaces. Grout is often the key behind the scenes player in these comprehensive water control solutions, controlling water, consolidating ground, and more North American Tunneling Journal reports."


Webinar: Developing a Deep Rock Grouting Design from Start to Finish

Jessica Williams - July 10, 2020 - Views 1342

The goal of this technical webinar presentation is to walk through a grout design process from start to finish for deep rock grouting applications.


Colorado School of Mines – A Reputation for Education

Jessica Williams - April 30, 2015 - Views 6606

Colorado School of Mines – A Reputation for Education

Throughout the year, the Colorado School of Mines (CSM) hosts many different short courses and conferences taught by experienced industry professionals who aim to educate owners, engineers, and contractors in specialty areas. These short courses provide concentrated instruction in areas such as Ground Improvement in Underground Construction and Mining and Grouting Fundamentals. These courses are intensive and provide comprehensive knowledge of the latest and greatest R&D. That’s why we choose to align with the CSM every year – because we believe that education is the way forward – and CSM has a reputation for impeccable education.


Ultrafine Cement Grout Excels at Colorado School of Mines Field Day

Britt Babcock - February 25, 2013 - Views 8157

Ultrafine Cement Grout Excels at Colorado School of Mines Field Day

It happens only once a year. Colorado School of Mines (Golden, CO) hosts a week long short-course on grouting. It’s attended by Who’s Who in the geotechnical grouting industry.

On the afternoon of June 19, 2013, the school hosted a Field Day and participants were able to view a live demonstration of the permeability of different grouts through Sand Column Testing. I’m pleased to announce, US Grout’s Ultrafine Cement excelled over other cement grouts by reaching the top of the sand column (60 inches) in just 80 seconds. No other cement grout came close.


Lift Sunken Concrete Slabs with a Structural Foam

Britt Babcock - February 25, 2013 - Views 9240

Many facility managers are unaware of the liabilities associated with trip hazards in public walkways, the excess wear and tear on forklifts from uneven industrial floors, or that SLAB LIFTING is possible with minimal interruption. Traditional mud jacking methods require drilling large holes in the slab to inject a cement slurry with a long cure time adding excess weight to unstable soils. And "jacking" does not address the cause of soil failure. Avanti's AV-600 SureLift™ reduces groundwater intrusion and erosion factors, fills voids, and provides a fast cure within 1/10" of desired grade.