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28 June 2022

North Carolina Utility Follows Through on Manhole Rehabilitation Commitment

Posted in Water & Wastewater

North Carolina Utility Follows Through on Manhole Rehabilitation Commitment

The Town of Wingate - a suburb near Charlotte, NC - was experiencing excessive run times on pumping equipment after rain events. After further inspection by Public Works Director Eugene Jones, it was confirmed the excessive run times was due to infiltration and injection grouting was the solution to the problem.

Approximately half the manholes on the Dianne St. line were experiencing infiltration. It was concluded by manhole rehabilitation contractor ProCoat that injection grouts from Avanti would be the ideal solution to rehabilitate the leaking manholes. ProCoat used a combination of injection grouts and used different techniques depending on the manhole’s material. The two grouts used were Avanti's AV-202® Multigrout and AV-275 Soilgrout™.

This manhole rehabilitation project practically paid for itself in cost savings in roughly the first 30 days following the completion of the second phase. “Manhole rehabilitation has definitely created a benefit for Wingate’s sewer system" says Jones, "and eliminating inflow and infiltration with injection grouting was a significant part of that success. The numbers speak for themselves”. 

To read the entire case study, check out the article North Carolina Utility Battles I&I with Impressive Results in the June issue of Underground Construction Magazine!

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