Curtain Grouting Files

Brochure: Curtain Grouting Manholes, Vaults and Other Underground Structures

Avanti 2019

  • Curtain Grouting Manholes, Vaults and Other Underground Structures with Injection Grouting

2016 No-Dig Paper: Injection Grouts and CIPP Lining Revitalize Buried Assets on Treasure Island

Michael Helfrich, Joyce T. Velitschkowski, Don Rigby NASTT’s 2016 No-Dig Show 2016

  • Injection Grouts and CIPP Lining Revitalize Buried Assets on Treasure Island

Case Study: Not Your Average Gas Main Grouting Project

Avanti 2019

  • PSE&G was experiencing significant leaks through one of their critical high pressure cast iron and steel conveyance gas mains in East Orange, New Jersey. Near abandonment, Avanti was called for product and contractor recommendations.

NASSCO Tech Tips - Never Lose Man Hours on a Grouting Job

Tech Tips from NASSCO - Charlie Lerman Underground Construction Magazine 2013

  • Underground contractors, utilities and municipalities do big things well. It's the small jobs that can turn proftable projects upside down and lead to cost overruns.

Magazine Article: NASSCO Report: Grouting

Infiltration Control Grouting Association (ICGA) Trenchless Technology 2016

  • Think You Know Municipal Grouting? Think Again - Reeducate! To further the objectives of ICGA, reeducation is now core to its mission, as injection grouting has experienced monumental advances in the last decade, with more to come.

Injection Hose Kit Manual


  • Avanti International’s Injection Hose Kit is a preventative chemical grout injection system for the permanent sealing of cold and construction joints in concrete and voids between slurry walls and slabs.

NASSCO Report: Past, Present and Future of Municipal Grouting

NASSCO's Infiltration Control Grouting Association (ICGA) Trenchless Technology May 2016

  • This year the municipal grouting industry celebrates 50 years as the original trenchless technology. It is appropriate to honor our past, but - more importantly - prepare for the future and the renewed focus on our failing infrastructure.

NASSCO Tech Tips - Curtain Grouting Manholes and Underground Structures

Tech Tips from NASSCO - Daniel Magill Underground Construction Magazine 2010

  • Picture this: You're standing in a brick manhole that is 50 years old and is leaking extensively. You've already been working for over an hour and for every leak you stop, several new leaks appear. Now what?

2003 DFI/Geo-Institute Paper: Irreversible Changes in the Grouting Industry Caused by Polyurethane Grouting

Alex Naudts DFI/Geo-Institute of the A.S.C.E 2003

  • An Overview of 30 Years of Polyurethane Grouting

Product Guide: Urethane Grouts for Stopping Leaks

Avanti 2015

  • Quick Reference Guide: Urethane Grouts for Stopping Leaks

Technical Forum: Out of Sight But Not Out of Mind: Sealing Manholes with Polyurethane Grouts

Charlie Lerman Trenchless Technology 2014

  • Five techniques to successfully sealing manholes using polyurethane grouts

Magazine Article: Sorting Out the Grout

Britt N. Babcock, PE, Director, Geotechnical Division World Tunnelling 2013

  • Tunnel contractors can choose whether to use cement or chemical grouts. To help them out, Britt Babcock discusses both types, which to use, when to use them and why...and an idea of how much it will all cost.

Making the Grade by Lifting a School's Foundation with SureLift

Avanti 2013

  • Constructed in late 2010, a new elementary school in Jalisco, Mexico welcomed students in August of 2012, but only after satisfying that the building was structurally sound.

Case Study: Constructing Grout Curtain for Dam

American Cyanamid AM-9 Technical Manual 1960

  • The Columbia River Valley at the dam site is a wide canyon dividing the Columbia Plateau on the east from the Entiat Mountains on the west.

Flyer: Geotechnical Project Overview

Avanti 2011

  • A list of sample geotechnical projects. Over 90 case studies may be found at
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