Concrete Rehab Files

Brochure: Ultrafine Cementitious Grout

Published Year: 2022

  • Ultrafine Cementitious Grouts from US Grout

Brochure: Curtain Grouting Manholes, Vaults and Other Underground Structures

Published Year: 2019

  • Curtain Grouting Manholes, Vaults and Other Underground Structures with Injection Grouting

Brochure: Epoxy How To Crack Seal and Crack Injection

Published Year: 2019

  • Brochure: Epoxy How To Crack Seal and Crack Injection

Epoxy Product Guide

Published Year: 2019

  • Epoxy Product Guide

2018 ICRI Paper: Leak Mitigation of Dynamic Cracks

Published Year: 2018

  • Concrete will crack – that is a fact.However, since concrete constantly shrinks, expands, and often leaks, the use of a flexible polyurethane resin to permanently seal active water leaks is the optimum choice to create a water-free environment.

Technical Manual: Injection Hose Kit

  • Avanti International’s Injection Hose Kit is a preventative chemical grout injection system for the permanent sealing of cold and construction joints in concrete and voids between slurry walls and slabs.

Product Guide: Urethane Grouts for Stopping Leaks

Published Year: 2015

  • Quick Reference Guide: Urethane Grouts for Stopping Leaks

Brochure: EGP Quick Reference Guide

Published Year: 2014

  • EGP Quick Reference Guide: How to Stop Stubborn Leaks with AV-202 and Oakum

Technical Manual: Variable Pressure Application Technique (V-PAT)

Published Year: 2014

  • Variable Pressure Application Technique (V-PAT) for repair of water leakage through concrete

NASSCO Tech Tips - Never Lose Man Hours on a Grouting Job

Published Year: 2013

  • Underground contractors, utilities and municipalities do big things well. It's the small jobs that can turn proftable projects upside down and lead to cost overruns.

Flyer: Stops Leaks in Concrete Structures

Published Year: 2011

  • Avanti International chemical grouts can stop leaks in: cracks or joints, precast structures, dams and reservoirs, mines and tunnels, and manholes.

Technical Manual: Expanded Gasket Placement (EGP) Technique

Published Year: 2011

  • The EGP Technique: Expanded Gasket Placement Technique Using AV-219 Oakum™ and AV-202® Multigrout

Curtain Grouting Stops Leaks: Basement Infiltration Problem

Published Year: 2010

  • Facilities Management for College Campus Credits Special Grouting Technology with Ending Recurring Groundwater Infiltration

News: Working at Ground Zero

Published Year: 2002

  • As the recovery and rebuilding of New York City continues, new problems and challenges continue to present themselves at Ground Zero.

Brochure: Chemical Grout Stops Leaks in Concrete Structures. Permanently.

Published Year: 2000

  • Leaks in concrete structures keep coming back unless they are permanently sealed with chemical grout.