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AV-202 Multigrout Series Files

NSF/ANSI/CAN 61 Certified Products

Published Year: 2023

  • Avanti products that are certified and tested against NSF/ANSI/CAN 61 - Drinking Water System Components by WQA..

Brochure: Manhole Rehabilitation with Injection Grouts

Published Year: 2023

  • Manhole Rehabilitation with Injection Grouts

Case Study: North Carolina Utility Follows Through on Manhole Rehabilitation

Published Year: 2021

  • The Town of Wingate, NC Public Works Director Eugene Jones noticed two pump stations were running on average of four hours every day. However, during rain events, the pump stations would run up to 35 hours straight.

AV-202 Chemical Resistance Data

  • AV-202 Chemical Resistane Data

Brochure: EGP Quick Reference Guide

Published Year: 2014

  • EGP Quick Reference Guide: How to Stop Stubborn Leaks with AV-202 and Oakum

Technical Manual: Variable Pressure Application Technique (V-PAT)

Published Year: 2014

  • Variable Pressure Application Technique (V-PAT) for repair of water leakage through concrete

Technical Manual: Expanded Gasket Placement (EGP) Technique

Published Year: 2011

  • The EGP Technique: Expanded Gasket Placement Technique Using AV-219 Oakum™ and AV-202® Multigrout

Comparison of Chemical Grout Properties: Which Grout Can Be Used Where and Why?

Published Year: 2006

  • This paper is about the current uses of chemical grouts, the economics of product use, and a discussion of where specific products within a category can be used.

AV-202 Technical Manual

Published Year: 2005

  • Due to the adaptability of AV-202 Multigrout, the product is appropriate for many different waterproofing and sealing problems.

Magazine Article: Stopping Infiltration with Chemical Grouting

Published Year: 2003

  • The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency credits manholes with contributing as much as 40 percent of infiltration into sewer systems.

Brochure: Chemical Grout Stops Leaks in Concrete Structures. Permanently.

Published Year: 2000

  • Leaks in concrete structures keep coming back unless they are permanently sealed with chemical grout.

Flyer: We Kept the Airplanes Flying with Chemical Grout!

Published Year: 2000

  • In 1997, serious leaks developed at George Bush Intercontinental Airport in a long utility tunnel connecting a passenger terminal with the central plant.

Flyer: We Stopped a River with Chemical Grout!

Published Year: 2000

  • When they designed our 300,000 square-foot office building, the engineers knew it would be built over an underground river. After all, the river has been there for at least 20,000 years, but they thought the flow would stop in the dry season.

Magazine Article: Storm Sewer Joints Repaired After Causing Settlement Problems

Published Year: 1995

  • A general contractor recently installed a buried precast concrete storm sewer line as part of a larger project involving the rerouting of two city blocks in Denver, Colorado.

Magazine Article: Avanti Leads in Industry Development & Education

Published Year: 1994

  • Trenchless Technology - June 1994 - Avanti leads in industry development and education: In 1978 when Avanti International was formed by four rehab contracting companies, David Magill was hired as its first employee and the company's first president.