AV-100 Chemical Grout Files

2016 DFI Paper - Injection Grouting Preserves Foundation Integrity of Multi-Story Building

Britt N. Babcock, PE DFI 2016

  • Due to growth in the Twin Cities area, MCES determined they needed to construct a 50 foot deep sanitary sewer lift station, modify alignment of gravity sewers and add a 9000 foot long forcemain to handle increased volumes.

2015 No-Dig Paper: Cost-Effective Private Property I&I Reduction

Randy Belanger, Daniel Magill NASTT'S No-Dig Show 2015

  • The focus of the paper is to show the step-by-step progression of a private property I&I reduction program in the City of Wauwatosa. The project included soaker hose rain event simulation, lateral lining and chemical grouting.

2015 UCT Paper: Eliminating Infiltration Requires a Holistic Approach in Naperville, Illinois

Tony Conn, John Manikak UCT Show 2015

  • In April 2013, Chicago and its neighboring suburbs experienced a 100-year rain event resulting in extensive flooding, sewer system surcharges, and basement back-ups.

2014 iSTT Paper: Pipe Grouting Longevity Effectiveness Evaluation

James W. Shelton, PE International No-Dig 2014 2014

  • These grouting projects were implemented using specifications largely consistent with the new NASSCO grouting specifications. This paper will review the requirements for testing and grouting under which the original work was done.

2013 WEFTEC Paper: Sealing Annular Space and Lateral Connections with Chemical Grouts

Jim Gentry WEFTEC 2013

  • Acrylamide chemical grout has been used successfully for over 40 years to reduce groundwater infiltration by sealing leaks and joints in mainline and lateral sanitary sewer systems.

2013 ISEC-7 Paper - Using Chemical Grout to Control Groundwater Infiltration

Jim Gentry, Daniel Magill ISEC-7 2013

  • Chemical grouting has been successfully used for over forty years to control the movement of groundwater in a wide variety of applications including tunnels, subway systems, sanitary sewers, mines and construction projects.

2012 No-Dig Paper: Cured in Place Liner Defects - Three Studies of Installed Liner Performance

James W. Shelton, PE NASTT's 2012 No-Dig Show 2012

  • Over the last 6 years, Malcolm Pirnie has conducted a monitoring program of cured in place mainline liners and lateral liners to assess the affect of various variables on long term liner quality, especially with regard to liner porosity/pinhole leakage.

2017 No-Dig Paper: Value-Engineering for Sewer Rehabilitation with Injection Grouts for Anytown, USA

Michelle D. Beason, PE, Don Rigby NASTT’s 2017 No-Dig Show 2017

  • Injection grouting is a soil sealing process used to control infiltration more effectively, more efficiently for less cost, and engineered to holistically attack all four points of entry: mainline, laterals, lateral connections, and manholes.

2017 WEFTEC: New Mandate: Grout First, CIPP Line Second for Rehabbing Pipe, Service Laterals, and Manholes in Naperville

Tony Conn, John Manijak, Don Rigby WEFTEC 2017

  • New Mandate: Grout First, CIPP Line Second for Rehabbing Pipe, Service Laterals, and Manholes in Naperville

2017 ICOG Paper: Injection Grouting for Ground Conditioning

Britt N. Babcock, PE ICOG 2017

  • 2017 ICOG Paper - Injection Grouting for Ground Conditioning

2016 No-Dig Paper: Injection Grouts and CIPP Lining Revitalize Buried Assets on Treasure Island

Michael Helfrich, Joyce T. Velitschkowski, Don Rigby NASTT’s 2016 No-Dig Show 2016

  • Injection Grouts and CIPP Lining Revitalize Buried Assets on Treasure Island

Brochure: Sewer Grouting - Mainlines, Laterals and Lateral Connections


  • Sewer Grouting Brochure - Mainlines, Laterals and Lateral Connections

White Paper: Zero Shrinkage of AV-100 Chemical Grout Due to Consistent Relative Humidity in Soils

Doug Cobos, Ph.D. 2018

  • For those who believe that grout expands and contracts with wet/dry climate cycles, Avanti commissioned an independent lab to perform field testing and analysis that proves otherwise

2018 No-Dig Paper : Logic and Economics of Lateral Grouting

Don Rigby, Marc Anctil, Jeff Maier North American Society for Trenchless Technology (NASTT) 2018

  • Decision Support Matrix Compares Trenchless Rehabilitation Technologies.

Strategic, Cost-Effective I&I Reduction in Wisconsin

Angus W. Stocking, L.S. Trenchless Technology Magazine 2015

  • Wauwatosa’s short term solution - chemical grouting of sewer lateral connections to reduce I&I - has worked out so well that long-term efforts may not be needed at all.
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