Municipal Water & Wastewater

Proven and Cost Effective

The intent of injection grouting in sewer systems is to seal leaks and stop infiltration and exfiltration in structurally sound pipes. Most leaks in structurally sound sewer systems are through pipe joints, manholes, service connections, and service laterals. The most economical way to stop those leaks is with injection grout.

The consequence of not taking action is far more costly than the cost of repair. Many municipal wastewater plants treat twice the flow due to groundwater infiltration at a much higher cost to the rate-payer. Eventually, the collection system will become structurally incapable and a simple repair becomes a costly rehabilitation or replacement.


In addition to stopping infiltration and exfiltration within the sewer system, Avanti's injections grouts stabilize the soil outside and around the sewer pipes and manholes by strengthening the soil and providing longer-lasting support.