Concrete Structures

In spite of the advancements in today’s construction technologies concrete structures continue to crack in unanticipated places due to settling of the structure and ground movement.

Since 1978 Avanti International’s injection grouts have been used to stop leaks in basements, commercial buildings, dams, manholes, parking garages, reservoirs, storage tanks, subways, tunnels, wastewater treatment plants, missile silos, and other structures.

Fills Cracks Completely

The right chemical grout can penetrate any crack that allows water movement, and fill it with a permanent waterproof seal from the inside of the structure to the outside, from the bottom of the crack to the top.

Remains Flexible

The grout cures flexibly which allows the concrete to “breathe” - to move - without cracking at, or near, the repair spot.

Forms a Permanent Seal

The resin reacts to moisture to form a resilient, flexible seal accomplished by three mechanisms: the resin seeks out water in the space and adheres to the surface, then begins to expand forming a tight compressive seal, while the network of compressed grout material within all the cracks forms a mechanical lock.

Safe to Use

Chemical grout is safe to install when handled according to label instructions. Avanti's foam grouts approved for use with potable water are AV-202 Multigrout, AV-330 Safeguard, and AV-333 Injectaflex.

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