Avanti Videos & Animations

Fast-Set Hydrophobic Foam for Water Stop
Demonstration of the expansion that happens behind the wall to stop groundwater infiltration.
High-Volume Hydrophobic 1:1 Pump
Using Graco 1:1 pump, fast reacting AV-290 provides controlled expansion.
Grouting and Lining Work Well Together
This video shows how grouting and lining work together to prevent Inflow & Infiltration (I&I).
Mixing Instructions for AV-100
Mixing instructions for a standard 60-gallon batch of AV-100.
Controlling Gelation
Techniques and best practices for controlling gel time.
Grouting Longevity
Injection underground is the only condition required to make AV-100 a permanent solution.
Using Dyes
The significance of utilizing dyes is to ensure proper mixing of grout chemicals, as well as tracking grout placement.
Seal "Unlined" Lateral Connection
Sealing a leaking service joint from the mainline sewer using a lateral packer.
Stop Infiltration in Subways and Tunnels
View animation of curtain grouting to stop water infiltration in subways and tunnels.
Curtain Grouting Tutorial
Step-by-step, how-to tutorial on curtain grouting including personal protection to clean-up including best practices.