Avanti Videos & Animations

WEBINAR: What You Don t Know About Infiltration in Sanitary Sewers is Costing Million$
Live learning event hosted by Avanti International with Aries Industries and Logiball.
WEBINAR: Interactive Conversation on Controlling Groundwater in Mines, Tunnels, & Subways
A collaborative presentation with speakers from ECO Grouting Specialists, US Grouting Specialists, US Grout, and Avanti International.
WEBINAR: Proactive Maintenance with Chemical Grout Earns High Reward
Hosted by the editor of Underground Construction magazine, this 1-hr presentation focuses on the results of a $3M chemical grouting project in Downers Grove, IL. Authorities from the sewer district, consulting engineer, contractor and Avanti's product manager provide proof-positive validation.
WEBINAR: Value Engineering with Injection Grouts
Insight on how, when and why to look beyond standard practices and procedures with injection grouts. This is technology you can specify, control and improve outcomes.
WEBINAR: Stopping Infiltration in New England - EPA Region 1
Collective collaboration between Logiball, Heitkamp, and Avanti regarding EPA Region 1.
Annular Space Grouting - 2014
Chemical grout travels freely between the liner and host pipe to cure in place and eliminate infiltration.
Interview: Joe Thomas - US Grout
Joe Thomas - US Grout
Interview: George Vernon - Millcreek Management
George Vernon - Millcreek Management.
Interview: Harold Kosova - National Power Rodding
With Harold Kasova, there are many firsts to his credit: first to develop a TV camera to inspect sewer lines in 1960; first to chemically grout a sewer joint in 1962. Retired after 54 years of service, hear what he has to say about what the industry needs now.
PRESENTATION: North American Tunneling Presentation 2012
Three geotechnical case studies focused on groundwater control.
Avanti President on the News
As seen on Fox Business Network, CNBC, and Bloomberg.
Slab Lifting
Animation for lifting of concrete slabs with Avanti's AV-600 SureLift.
Fast-Set Balloon Technique
Observe AV-290 injected by a simple cartridge to demonstrate expansion and shutdown underground leaks.
Hydrophilic Foams Training
Insightful training (9:16 min) and advantages of hydrophilic foams--when to use, why, and when not to use.
Using Hydrophilic Foams
When, why, and how to use hydrophilic foams.
Hydrophobic Foams Training
When, why, and how to use hydrophobic foams.
Urethane Gels Training
Sample demonstration how hydrophilic gels will set and protect in soil.
Acrylic Gels Training
When, why, and how to use acrylic gels.