Webinar: Developing a Deep Rock Grouting Design from Start to Finish

30 Jul 2020
This event is online
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Each rock grouting project is unique – what worked on your last project may not be the recommended approach for another.  The goal of this technical webinar presentation is to walk through a grout design process from start to finish for deep rock grouting applications – generally 50-ft. below ground surface or greater such as shafts, tunnels mines and deep dam curtains. We will take a deep dive into the details and pre-grouting data needed for a successful rock grouting project.

 This 75-minute learning event will be outlined as followed:

  • Purpose of Grouting
  • Delivery Method – Specifications vs Contracts
  • Information Gathering – GDR and Data Collection
  • Details of Overall Design
  • Project Mock-Up: Shaft and Tunnel/TBM
  • Summary of a Real-World Project

Title: Developing a Deep Rock Grouting Design from Start to Finish

Date/Time:  Thursday, July 30 – 1:00 – 2:15 CDT

Presenters: Adam Bedell, PG - Stantec, Brad Crenshaw, PE, PG - Ground Engineering Contractors and Britt N. Babcock, PE - Avanti International