Level 200: Municipal Sewer Grout School - Orlando

25 Mar – 26 Mar 2020
Location: City of Taveres, FL Utilities, 1000 Captain Haynes Road, Tavares, FL
Category: Municipal Sewer Grout School

Municipal Sewer Grout School will help you understand how and why injection grouting stops groundwater infiltration into sewer collections. The two-day session will present technical information on:

    • Lateral and mainline Test and Seal packer operation and maintenance
    • Mixing and optimizing AV-100 Acrylamide Grout performance
    • Review and demonstration of new NASSCO/ICGC grout specifications
    • Live infiltration and grout sealing demos
    • New grout testing and monitoring information and methods

This class is presented by Avanti International, Cues and Logiball


City of Tavares Utilities (located approximately 35 miles Northwest of Orlando)
1000 Captain Haynes Road
Tavares, FL 32778