WEF Collection Systems Conference

04 Jun – 07 Jun 2019
Location: Indiana Convention Center, South Capitol Avenue 100, Indianapolis, Indiana
Category: Tradeshow - Municipal

Avanti's Britt Babcock will be presenting a pre-conference workshop titled Best Sewer Rehabilitation Practices for Mitigating I/I: Integrated Approached, Innovative Technologies and Interactive Solutions on Tuesday, June 4 - 8:30 AM - 5:00 PM.

Successful sewer rehabilitation programs will be highlighted in this workshop that show cases speakers from across the country. The focus will be on I/I reduction within the contact of asset management programs, but also explore new rehabilitation technologies. Attending this workshop will provide the confidence needed to select appropriate sewer rehabilitation practices. Access the combined knowledge of several experts in the field of sewer rehabilitation strategy and technology.

Presenters: Timothy Sumner - Crawford, Murphy and Tilly Inc, Theodore Deboda - Baltimore County, Phillip Hubbard - HRSD, David Jurgens - City of Fayetteville, Tony Conn - City of Naperville, Firat Sever - QuakeWrap, Inc., Britt Babcock - Avanti International, Srinivas Vallabhaneni - Stantec, John Matthews - Louisiana Tech University, Walter Graf - Water Research Foundations


To register for WEF Collection Systems Conference and this workshop, visit the Event Website.