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Reline LIVE - Injection Grouting: Stabilizing Soils and Stopping Infiltration

Jessica Williams - July 20, 2020 - Views 146

Reline LIVE - Injection Grouting: Stabilizing Soils and Stopping Infiltration

This episode of Reline LIVE will focus on the injection grouting for stopping water infiltration and stabilizing soils of underground structures such as manholes, culverts, and tunnel shafts and will discuss what grouting is, grout type selection and design criteria, and real-world project examples.


Fundamentals of Municipal Grouting Online Video Course

Avanti Staff - July 16, 2020 - Views 186

Fundamentals of Municipal Grouting Online Video Course

Injection grouting is designed specifically to stop infiltration at all four points of entry—mainline, manholes, laterals and lateral connections. Engineers, municipalities, and specialty contractors can learn the Fundamentals of Municipal Grouting online, on your time, and at no cost - www.municipalgrouting.com


Municipal Sewer Grout School is Open for January 2020

Jessica Williams - November 12, 2019 - Views 2337

Municipal Sewer Grout School is Open for January 2020

The Level 200: Municipal Sewer Grout School is now open for January 2020 in Houston Texas


Chemical Grouting is for Life-Long Learners

Chris Hamilton - September 11, 2014 - Views 3616

Since becoming part of the Avanti family, I have met with dozens of grouting contractors and municipal crews with years of experience rehabbing underground structures. Most feel confident in their quality of work, and with balancing efficiency, effectiveness, and safety. As someone who served as an infrastructure restoration contractor for a decade, I know from personal experience how difficult it is to make procedure adjustments, modify processes, and implement subtle improvements.


CIPP Lining and Protective Coatings Need Infiltration-Free Environments

- September 04, 2014 - Views 3686

The original trenchless technology, chemical grout, is also complimentary to all other technologies. What do we mean be that? CIPP lining and protective coating are important technologies to sustaining our underground infrastructure. To realize maximum value of these structural repairs, active leaks must be stopped first. View this 3-minute, Cole Publishing interview with Don Rigby on how chemical grout stops leaks and provides an infiltration-free environment in manholes, mainlines, and laterals so structural repairs can realize their full life-expectancy.


Direct from Municipal Contractor: Manhole Rehab with AV-100 Outsmarts Water Intrusion

- August 28, 2014 - Views 3951

Customer call backs can be painful. And for one contracting company in Florida their call-backs were just that. It started seven years ago when they chose to align themselves with Brand X (who shall remain nameless) because of a lower price point. After high volumes of call-backs, they moved to Brand Y and then Brand Z, but continued to have unacceptable call-backs. Let’s be real – the manhole rehab business is tricky. In fact, the contractor had to call upon a competing resource to fix problems, and sure enough, this contractor was aligned with Brand A – A for Avanti.


Preserving the Underground Infrastructure at Miami-Dade

- Views 5671

Preserving the Underground Infrastructure at Miami-Dade

Communities large and small face a delicate balance of improving their underground sanitary sewer collection system and reducing flow to their treatment plant while being good stewards of the rate-payer and protecting quality of life. The intrusion of groundwater and soil files are sabotaging system efficiencies causing the plant to treat twice the volume, increasing sanitary sewer overflows, and polluting our clean water systems.


How to Choose a Grout for Sealing Mainlines and Laterals

- February 25, 2013 - Views 4555

Below are some questions to consider when choosing a grout for sealing mainlines and laterals--before, after, or independent of lining:

  1. Cost: Cost should only be one factor. What is more important is that you are using the appropriate product for the job and the grout is applied correctly--in accordance with the 2012 NASSCO recommendation is a good start.
  2. Cost vs. Cure Time: Grouts have different cure times. Be sure to check tech data sheets to determine how much control over cure time you will have in the field. Better yet, you can do a more thorough investigation by performing your own tests. The more catalyst you need to reach the desired goal, the more money you'll spend on product.
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